Mission and Vision

Livable Los Angeles

Founded September 2009

Livable Los Angeles expands transportation options to create great places and green communities.

Livable Los Angeles is a non-profit organization working to change the political and social landscape of Los Angeles away from one of automobile dependence and sprawl. This change embraces and celebrates compact mixed-use communities where residents can walk, bike, and ride transit to care of daily needs.
Our goals include:

  • promote sustainable and affordable transportation and housing choices
  • create active environments that foster healthy lifestyles
  • ensure access to opportunity for people of all incomes, ages and abilities.
  • increase the region’s economic and environmental sustainability.
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions, oil dependence, and other negative impacts of auto dependence.
  • create quality places for people to live, work and play.


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  1. Great! Glad you’re on the scene. are you a policy organization? a membership group? a consortium of developers? what steps will you take in pursuit of these visions? excited to see!

    • We’re just forming. We’re planning to be a non-profit engaged in policy change… and we may well be a membership group too. What would you like us to be? What do you think is needed?

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